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"Wedding Dance" Couple Takes on Domestic Violence

Posted on: August 1, 2009

When the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video started making its way around the internet, I watched it…a couple times. I thought it was great and was like, “that’s what I’m going to do whenever I get married.” In case you missed it, here’s the video:

A tip via Twitter from @erinmjustice pointed me towards this article about the couple whose wedding this was and their fight against domestic violence. Their choice of song in their wedding entrance dance (“Forever” by Chris Brown) has increased downloads of the song and all of that money goes to Chris Brown. To combat this, they are trying to raise money for domestic violence prevention.

On the couple’s site (, it states,

Due to the circumstances surrounding the song in our wedding video, we have chosen the Sheila Wellstone Institute. Sheila Wellstone was an advocate, organizer, and national champion in the effort to end domestic violence in our communities.

I can see the reasons behind chosing “Forever” (that they are going to be together forever and all). And while they didn’t expect their video to be so popular and to increase sales for Chris Brown, I think that it is great that they are using their “fame” to help combat domestic violence.


1 Response to ""Wedding Dance" Couple Takes on Domestic Violence"

Can't tell me how many Facebook friends posted this video and I loved but am ashamed to say didn't make the Chris Brown/DV connection. What a great statement this couple have made this commitment against domestic violence.

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