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Sarah Palin's Leaving!

Posted on: July 3, 2009

Well, not really.

She’s stepping down as Alaska’s governor. Palin announced today that she would be leaving the governorship at the end of this month.

Good news, right? Who wants Sarah Palin to be in control of anything? Well, it might not be as good as we might hope. What is she going to do with her free time now? She’s going to campaign for others. A article quotes Palin saying,

“I’ll work hard and campaign for those who are proud to be Americans and are inspired by our ideals and won’t deride them,”

There’s also talk that this is a strategic move on her part to position herself to run for president in 2012. I don’t really know what is going through her head in this one. Does the amount of criticism she got while running for vice president tell her anything about how people feel about her in national office? The day Sarah Palin is president is the day that I would leave the country. I don’t think I could handle that.

Well, I guess we will see where Sarah Palin’s road goes as she lays it out for us.

Further reading:
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